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Beauty in a Bottle


Look within for true beauty.

Beauty in a Bottle is a high quality reproduction art print known as a Giclée which has incredible detail and closely mimics my original piece of artwork.

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Beauty in a Bottle

This is a Giclee print of my original colored pencil drawing named “Beauty in a Bottle”.

This inspirational art print named “Beauty in a Bottle” would make a great addition to your cottage chic or beach decor. When you gaze upon this art you will realize that your true beauty is within you and you can do anything. 

Beauty in a Bottle came about from a conversation I was having with my friend Stefanie. Stefanie is a spiritual communicator who hears from Heaven. When we were talking, I asked her about my Uncle Bob, who passed away quite a few years ago. She said he was saying that I should create a drawing of a bottle with a flower inside. She described what my uncle said the flower and bottle should look like. She mentioned there would be something written around the outside of the bottle but she was not told what it was, but that it would come to me later when I was close to finishing the piece. I thought why not, so I drew the flower and bottle and then added the color with marker and colored pencil. I just knew the name of the piece would be Beauty in a Bottle. It was a feeling I got, it just seemed fitting. When I was almost done with the piece, I prayed and asked God what to write around the bottle and I got the impression that it was supposed to be “Beauty is not only on the outside but on the inside. To see your true beauty look within.” 

I believe this piece was created so that women realize that their true beauty is within themselves. It doesn’t matter what people think of you. What matters is that you love yourself and the way you look. Be true to yourself by being who you want to be, not what others think you should be or what they think you should look like. You must love and respect yourself as well as love and respect others.

You will be receiving a Giclée (zhē-klā’) Print, which looks very much like my original artwork. A Giclée print is a high-quality, archival-standard reproduction. This print is reproduce on Archival Matte Paper. For more info about Giclée Prints check out my F&Q page.

  • Prints come with a 1″ white border for framing. 

  • Print Care, Storing & Framing Instructions are found on the FAQ page on the website. 

Please note the following:

  • Watermarks will not be on the print you receive. It is placed on the display photo to prevent copying of my art.

  • Print is sold WITHOUT a frame and mat board.

“Beauty in a Bottle” Colored Pencil Drawing – Copyright © 2016 Jennifer L. Norman 

ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. You may not reproduced, distributed, or transmit any of my images, without prior written permission from me. Thank you.

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