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Colorful Pink Skull


Colorful Pink Skull is a high quality reproduction art print known as a Giclée which has incredible detail and closely mimics my original piece of artwork.

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Colorful Pink Skull

This is a Giclee print of my original acrylic painting named “Colorful Pink Skull”.

I have been asked several times if I created this art for the Day of the Dead celebration. I actually had no idea what that was until I started to research it, as I researched and saw images, I realized that it is very similar to the images for this celebration. The actual inspiration for this painting was my step-daughter and granddaughter. See story in paragraph below. 

This Colorful Pink Skull acrylic painting came about as a result of a birthday gift for my step-daughter from her three children. I had the idea that they could paint a gray background on a canvas board and then each one of them could put their hand prints on the background with different shades of pinks and purples. Since I had a lot of the gray color left over I decided instead of wasting the paint that I would create a painting of my own. I used the leftover gray paint on this painting. As I was creating the background I thought, I know what I can paint, since my step-daughter and granddaughter both love skulls, I would paint a skull. I love flowers and my step-daughter does as well so why not incorporate them into my painting. Also their favorite color is pink, that is how I got the colorful pink skull. I really enjoyed creating this painting because it was off the cuff, no real planning, it just kind of happened. 

You will be receiving a Giclée (zhē-klā’) Print, which looks very much like my original artwork. A Giclée print is a high-quality, archival-standard reproduction. This print is reproduce on Archival Matte Paper. For more info about Giclée Prints check out my F&Q section.

  • Prints come with a 1″ white border for framing. 

  • Print Care, Storing & Framing Instructions are found on the FAQ page on the website. 

Please note the following:

  • Watermarks will not be on the print you receive. It is placed on the display photo to prevent copying of my art.

  • Print is sold WITHOUT a frame and mat board.

“Colorful Pink Skull” Acrylic Painting – Copyright © 2016 Jennifer L. Norman 

ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. You may not reproduced, distributed, or transmit any of my images, without prior written permission from me. Thank you!

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