Bookmark - Inspirational Flower Collection

Quantities limited.

These beautifully hand painted and unique pieces of artwork are signed and dated by Jennifer L. Norman the artist. Each bookmark empowers you to face each day with new perspective. Keep one for yourself to be inspire and motivate or give them as a thoughtful gift to inspire others.  These are perfect one-of-a-kind gifts for teachers, moms, sisters, friends and coworkers. Reward yourself with one today.

Each bookmark is made with love and care; inspired by lessons and colors God was showing and teaching Jennifer at the time of creation. Each one is painted with professional Winsor & Newton watercolors. Painted on high quality cold pressed watercolor paper. Finished with museum quality varnish to provide extra durability and to protect from discoloration.

Why not brighten someones day with these remarkable bookmarks!

“Life a book, read it” Jennifer L. Norman

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